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Product Care
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Product Care Instructions

For Your Plated Parts

Gold Iridite:

Avoid contact with brake fluid, water, soap, thinners, abrasives, etc...  This plating becomes tougher with age, but is very vulnerable when fresh.  Certain fluids and abrasives, including wax, may remove the gold coating.  When your booster needs wiping off, use a towel, slightly water dampen, to accomplish this.  Spraying a clear coat on will neutralize the red and green colors in the plating.  If in doubt, call or e-mail me first.

Silver and Black

Keep clean with moist cloth.  Wipe off any foreign liquids.  These parts may be clear coated, if desired.

Gray & Black Phosphate

This plating should be kept clean and dry.  There should be a light coat of oil on all surfaces.  Lube hinge pivots with a suitable grease prior to installation.


Updated May 27th, 2020